A Temporary Paris Coup

Paris Luxe Apartments is one of the largest provider of luxury furnished Paris vacation apartments. Based in New York City, this agency was founded by born in Paris and bred in New York City, Claude Chaouloff. Chaouloff has grown the business into a powerhouse firm with a reputation for high style interiors that retain a “home away from home” feel when considering a Paris luxury rental. Chaouloff has recently expanded to Italy offering luxury rentals in Rome, Tuscany and Sicily.

It all began because Chaouloff needed a Paris apartment while visiting his relatives in Paris. With his brood consisting of a nanny, 2 girls, teenage and toddler sons, he has no other alternative than to rent a Paris vacation apartment.

Unfortunately to his dismay, the 3 bedroom Paris vacation rental was poorly decorated and a truly depressing experience. The Paris rental lacked décor and ambiance hence a business was institut de beauté paris born since he instantly realized that he could do better. Paris Luxe offers luxury Paris rentals catering primarily to families and the luxury corporate traveler visiting Paris. Paris Luxe is recognized as the premier choice for the corporate traveler and affluent family visiting Paris.

Chaouloff has two goals in regards to the décor of his showcased Paris luxury rentals. First, he wants his guests to feel they’ve arrived in Paris ,when they walk into the Paris apartment. The luxury Paris rental needs to reflect the excitement of Paris and the modern glamor associated with Paris apartments. Chaouloff also insists that the Paris apartments must feel like a real Paris home. If you are just visiting Paris for a few days, you might not mind the fact that the Paris hotel’s closet are tiny and the Paris hotel room is cramped but if you are staying more than a week in Paris. The only luxury alternative is a Paris luxury vacation rental. Paris Luxe Apartments has melded a sophisticated Paris environment with the practical elements of a Paris apartment, these characteristics are guaranteed ingredients for a Paris luxury rental

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