An Introduction to the Indian Film Industry

For movie lovers who want to see independent films, most important factor is the availability of good, affordable and competitive film festivals. Every year, thousands of movies are made available to the public and viewers all around the world. Film festivals are events staged either by local government, academic organizations, community based organizations, artists and/or film clubs. They give an opportunity for obscure filmmakers to have their movies screened in front of an audience and to receive their films reviews by professional film critics. The main objective of these festivals is to promote the growth of the cinema industry in the country. In this regard, every year the amount of film and television production increases significantly.

But this success has come at the cost of the filmmakers’ work ethics. At the early days, filmmakers were expected to create a “swan song” film that would just be a box office hit. However, the kind of work ethic that is expected today is more demanding. Today’s film-makers are demanding to not only create a great film, but also one that will be well received by the film audiences. As a result, the film directors are demanding to work in such a manner so as to meet both the expectations of the distributor as well as the audience.

The major film genres in India include the drama, comedy, horror, action, science fiction and film noir. Every year, new faces and talents are inducted into the hall of fame of Indian cinema by appearing in some of these genres. While some of the film performers change their careers completely, some of them settle down into their usual genre. Here are the five top best Indian film genres with some interesting names that have made significant contributions to the growth of the Indian film industry.

Hindi film stock has been predominantly dependent on the Haryana-based Hindi film production sector. Since the state is well-known for its liberal attitude, the film-makers tend to experiment with different genres and employ local talents. Bollywood, which is known for its loud costumes, gaudy makeup and grand visual effects, is the biggest recipient of this experimentation. Successful actresses in the Hindi film stock can include Aishwarya Rai, Madhubala, Kya Pyaar Kyun, Nanban, Jodha Bai and many more. Recent notable names in Hindi film stock are Priyadarshan Sahoo, Suraj Badhja and Guddi Sarvani.

Tamil cinema is perhaps the most experimental of the Indian film genres. Much like its Hindi counterparts, it too has much of its own personality to attract the audience. Tamil films that have been released recently have shown a strong stance towards social issues, similar to their Hindi counterparts. However, the subjects on which these movies are based may not always be moral or even realistic. Some films like “Endhiran” and “Nanban”, which dealt with forced sterilization and gay rights did not receive warm welcome from most Indian viewers.

West Bengal is another place that boasts of some prominent directors. Syed Mohsin, Shakeel Ade and Mukerjee have made popular films that played a pivotal role in the development of the state as an internationally recognized film destination. The state is also home to several film festivals. The most popular of these is the Kolkata Film Festival. Most of the films shown in this festival are local, regional and national productions.

Apart from Bollywood and Tamil cinema, Hindi cinema is also home to Telugu cinema, which boasts of several prominent filmmakers. Directors like Karan Johar and S.S. Rajamouli have created classics among the Telugu fraternity. A good number of regional and independent films have come up in the last few years, which has led to the popularity of the mainstream cinema. Many of these films have managed to earn critical acclaim and have even won some prestigious awards.

Apart from film festivals, there are other avenues through which you can know about upcoming films. Mumbai has a flourishing film industry, which has been on a rise for the past few decades. There are a number of film festivals held here, which allow visitors to watch budding filmmakers at work. All you need to do is make time to catch them in action. You can also find out whether a particular film is making the buzz among the locals.

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