Are Online News Media Bias and Objectivity Driving Their Own Stories?

Examples of News Content Writing There are basically four categories of writing out of the hundreds of different styles and patterns that newsprint uses. These styles are Expository, Digestive, Narrative, and Persuasive. Each of these styles is used for a particular purpose. A piece of news can consist of more than one style.

Media Bias

When it comes to style, there are some things you should consider to help ensure your piece achieves its objective. All news values should be based on objectivity; the objectivity is the importance of getting the information to the reader as quickly and accurately as possible. This is what makes up real news, not fake news or journalism tricks.

Fake News or “News” is not equal to bad reporting and sensationalism. The purpose behind every published story is to convey accurate and true news to the public. Fake News and bad journalism are equal to inaccurate reporting, slanted and Bias reporting which are not equal to or used in good journalism. Real News is based on objectivity like the newspaper, radio, television, and magazines.

If you are a news journalist, the main objective is to get the story to the public with as few mistakes as possible. In this way the public relations department of the newspaper or magazine will have a win-win situation. They get their news to the public with errors and omissions, the journalist gets points for being a good reporter, and the newspaper or magazine has a win-win situation where they don’t have to continually publish inaccurate, slanted, and Bias stories. Fake News is not very different than this except the goal is to spread discontent.

Good journalism is always striving for accuracy, truthfulness, timeliness, and professionalism. Fake News and badly written articles that give erroneous and Bias information is the antithesis of what every respectable newspaper and magazine stands for. All newspapers and magazines should be held to a higher standard by all journalists and media professionals. There are many blogs and websites devoted to exposing fake news and journalists who write them.

There is a huge difference between objectivity in reporting. For example, I was recently at an award ceremony for an organization that works with handicapped children and their parents. During the awards presentation the presenter always mentioned how the award was given to the best performing child and how she had been given the award for being an excellent parent. He mentioned how the parent had made efforts to provide the child with everything that he or she needed despite their disabilities. Well, I could say the same about all newspapers and magazines if they tried.

This type of reporting makes me think that we need more objective, unbiased news media. It appears to me that most journalists have a skewed opinion because they live in a world of self-interest. The only way that any public relations department or PR department can spin this is to create news media bias. In other words, they will spin the news to try to make it look like things are going bad when they are actually going great.

I have always felt that newspapers and magazines are part of the first wave of the global information explosion that I am not sure about all the journalists that are part of this wave. The problem is that there are many news organizations that are not taking the time to report facts objectively. I think it is a shame that some journalists feel that they need to use their own opinions and spin them to fit their point of view rather than provide objective reporting. Perhaps if more newspapers and magazines tried to follow along with the trend of incorporating online journalism, they would learn from their mistakes and start to provide better content and information to their readers.

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