Car Accidents Are Inevitable

With the increase in the number of automobiles on road, car accidents have increased exponentially. The latest cars are fast moving, and high speeds cause more accidents than before. Cases of fatal injuries in a car accident are on the rise, and despite all the traffic rules and regulations, such accident keep on repeating. Along with an increase in the number of cars, the number of SUV’s and large vehicles has substantially increased. Small cars almost get overlooked at night by a person sitting in these giant vehicles which often results in a car accident.

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There are many reasons for increase in car accidents. First and foremost is the habit of driving under the influence of alcohol. The law states that people should not drive after intake of alcohol. But people think that they have only engaged in social drinking and that does not affect their driving performance. But the facts are on the contrary. After taking a few drinks, the performance of a person dips, and often there is a lapse in concentration which is the major reason for a car accident. Some people have blurred vision after the intake of alcohol which also causes accidents. So, to prevent the occurrence of an auto accident, people should avoid driving when under the influence of alcohol Launch Crp129x.

Use of modern electronic gadgets has been found to be another important reason for car accidents. People do not hesitate to respond to a call on their mobile phone while driving, which leads to an error of judgment and the result is a major auto accident. People have started to listen to loud music and also watch movies on their LCD screens fitted in the car. This causes a lot of distraction and sometimes a person driving the car is not able to apply the brakes in time as he fails to respond to the situation quickly. This often results in a head-on accident which leads to personal injury.

Rubber necking is a slang used for one of the reasons that causes car accident. It is often seen that people apply brakes suddenly and violently when they see any road block or traffic jam. This causes the person coming from behind a lot of discomfort and as he is not paying attention, collision of cars does take place. In majority of the rear end accidents, rubbernecking has been found to be the main cause.

Though modern cars are all equipped with all safety precautions like safety bags, personal injury to the person driving the car in case of an auto accident cannot be ruled out. It is the human errors that are behind an overwhelming majority of car accidents, and it is imperative to impress the need for more self discipline and control while driving cars. It has been found that because of stressful life and time crunch to complete the jobs, people drive fast and lose patience easily in situations of traffic jam, and this often results in car accidents. If only people behave in a responsible manner, accidents can be reduced by a whopping 50%.

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