Crafting Your Optimized Author Bio

The bio that goes with your article is almost as important as the content you write. They really go hand in hand. If you have great content and a terrible bio nobody will look at what you offer, but the same goes with the other way. If your content is not so good, but your bio is good, they still won’t visit.

Here are some suggestions that will help you write the best bio for your article.

The bio you add to your article must be in the third person. When people read your article they want to know about you and they want to read it as if someone else was reading it to them. So you never want to use I or me in your bio. You’ll need to include your name as well.

Your bio should relate to your article in some way. This means that you may need to change it with each article you write. For example, in my bio below you’ll see that I’ve talked about my ghostwriting business. I own a jewelry business as well, but I didn’t include that because this article had nothing to do with jewelry.

Your website is important in your bio so you’ll want to make sure you use the write link and that you don’t type it incorrectly. Some directories check those and will reject your bio if it’s wrong.

Some directories allow html code within your bio. If that’s the case you can link words to your site and use linkpad more then one link. You need to be careful when using code because it doesn’t take but one missing or wrong character and it won’t work. You’ll want to preview your bio to make sure it works and that it goes to the write page.

Following the rules of the directory is important when it comes to your bio. Some directories allow up to three links in your bio while others only allow one or two. If you don’t follow the rules they establish, your articles will be rejected and if you do it too many times, they’ll ban you from the site. It’s not worth it to have this happen so it’s important that you make sure you understand and remember what they are for each site.

Your bio can make or break your traffic, so it’s important that you write the best one you possible can each time you write an article. The suggestions in this article will help you to have a better understanding of what you need to include and how to write it so others will want to click through to your site.

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