Free Golf Balls

According to the data provided by the various search engines, the search for the term “free golf balls” appears to be quite high. Well, with lots of schemes and promotions of various products that promise free golf balls, doing the regular rounds in the market, one really stands to gain. It must be made clear here at the outset that besides winning some free balls in a contest by a sheer stroke of luck, there isn’t anything like a free golf ball without any strings attached. You need to buy a certain product or subscribe to a particular service in order to obtain the free golf balls that are given out with the same ไฮไลท์บอล.

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The trend of giving away free golf balls was started way back in the 60’s when a golf magazine began offering six free golf balls with its one year subscription. The magazine “Golf Secrets” did well for a couple of years but eventually disappeared from the scene. Even though, the publication of the golf magazine came to an end, the giving away of free golf balls did not end. New golf magazines picked up the above mentioned practice; many of them don’t exist in the market today but the ones that do, still feature free golf balls as a part of their subscription offers and various contests. This amply highlights the fact that the idea of free golf balls has caught the fancy of customers and it seems unlikely that the trend will begin to fade in the near future.

Today, there are many golf clubs that offer free sleeves of golf balls to their new members. The quality of these free balls of course, depends on the particular club one becomes a member of. The more prestigious ones are known to give out branded and comparatively more expensive golf balls. Furthermore, some golf courses also give away free balls when their annual dues are paid.

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