Geocaching Tips – Reading Log Entries

Some people find the log by far the most interesting part of the cache information page on This is where previous finders (or non-finders for that matter!) report on their hunts. Many of them go way beyond a mere barebones description of what they found to writing entertaining narrative descriptions of the whole experience.

There is obviously a fine line to tread between recording your experiences and giving the game away (thus spoiling the hunt for the next bunch of geocachers). This is why the log is introduced with a ‘Spoiler alert’, warning you that you may know a bit too much after you have read it. Many geocachers prefer to read the log only after they have visited the cache and you also have the option to print out the information page without the log entries attached.

Many finders attach photographs to their log entries and this is usually greatly appreciated by other geocachers. Just be warned, once again, that some of the photographs may be of such a Silencil nature that it provides the solution to the problem of finding the cache. You can avoid your hunt being spoiled by only looking at the photographs while you are adding your own!

Like any sport or activity geocaching developed its own vocabulary over time. It is advisable that you learn at least some of these geocaching words/expressions. Otherwise some of the entries in the log may be a bit hard to understand. The most common expressions and abbreviations that are used on the log are:

• BYOP – ‘Bring your own pen(cil)’ (This instruction is common for micro-caches as they are often too small to contain writing instruments)
• Cache – Geocache
• Cacher – Geocacher
• Caching – Geocaching
• CITO – Cache In, Trash Out
• Coin – Geocoin
• DNF – Did Not Find
• FTF – First to find
• GPSR – Global Positioning System Receiver
• Ground Zero – Immediate area around the cache
• GZ – Ground Zero
• Hitchhiker – A hitchhiker is an item that is placed in a cache, and has instructions to travel to other caches. Sometimes they have logbooks attached so you can log their travels.
• Log – Log Book (or sheet)
• Muggle – Non-geocacher (this is derived from the Harry Potter series where non-magicians are called ‘muggles’)
• Multi – Multi Cache
• PnG (P&G) – Park and Grab (refers to a very brief geocaching expedition)
• Sig Item – Signature Item
• STF – Second to find
• Swag – Items for trading (Stuff we all get)
• TB – Travel bug
• TFTC – Thanks For The Cache
• TFTH – Thanks for the Hide (a variation on TFTC)
• TNLNSL – Took Nothing Left Nothing Signed Log

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