Great Sources of Electricity in the Energy Ball V200

If you have every wondered whether you could have an effective alternative and renewable energy source, rather than continually relying on the power company and paying exorbitant rates for electricity, then the Energy Ball v200 could be the unit for you. An aerodynamic and artistic design offers any homeowner the opportunity to harness the vast power of the wind and convert it into electricity in their home.

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The Energy Ball v200 is the big brother of the v100 and produces up to 2,500 watts of power and requires only 6.7 miles per hour of wind to operate and start producing power. If you are unfamiliar with the levels of wind in your community, this is a mild breeze and most regions of the world produce at least this much wind on any given day 파워볼사이트.

The oblong shape and unique design of the Energy Ball v200’s rotating blades capture the wind not just in one dimension, like most windmills and wind turbines, but as it passes through, creating more rotation and thus more power. This design is intended to produce more electrical power with less wind.

In this modern era of volatile fuel prices and battles in Congress over the expansion of nuclear power plants, offshore oil drilling, producing ethanol from corn, and other topics of future energy sources, renewable energy is still the best benefit for homeowners. By producing your own electricity with the use of wind power, or even solar power, you can cut your dependence on the power from the electric companies.

The Energy Ball v200 will continually produce electrical power, regardless of what the weather is doing, just so long as a breeze is blowing. Of course, for most individuals, this will not eliminate your reliance on external power, but it will get you a long way to saving money on your next bill. By supplementing your power consumption with the Energy Ball v200, you also free up power for other parts of the region, or even reduce the need for the power company to create it.

The Energy Ball v200 does not look anything like a piece of machinery, so that it can be placed just about anywhere in your property that has a fair source of wind. You do not want to place it near the side of the house or under massive trees. You should place this unit in the open where the wind can reach it from any direction. Mounted on top of a 30 foot pole, it reaches above the tree line to generate maximum wind power.

The Energy Ball v200 swivels just like a regular windmill or wind turbine so that wherever the wind is coming from, it will spin the unit to face the wind and thus capture as much as possible. By producing as much as 2,500 watts of power, this can power any number of electrical devices in the home, including computer systems, refrigerators, air conditioning units, and much more.

Most of these systems will be incorporated into the power input of the home so that when you need more power, you still receive from the main power company.

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