How to Easily Find a Free Coupon Code Online

Free coupon codes are the new rage these days. It is simple and easy to get one if you know how. If you don’t, you can still generate a free coupon code which offers 100% off for your first few orders. So the first few purchases with your chosen merchant is free. Here’s a short guide:

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First, you must have an account with either Google Reader or iOffer. Once you have registered, go to their homepage and scroll down to “Offers”. Look for the link for “Create free coupon code”. Select it and follow the instructions. Your free coupon code will be available soon.

Once you have done that, you must input the promotional code on the “Offers” page. Make sure that you type the entire address, including lowercase letters. Also check the discount level. If you enter the discount level as free, Google Reader will redirect you to the page with the appropriate discount level ma khuyen mai Lazada.

After that, choose “Search”. It is also advisable to choose the country where you live in. If you have an international address, it will be helpful to highlight that on the page. For example, if you live in United States, simply highlight “United States” on the search box and press the enter key. Google Reader will highlight your selection.

On the next step, choose “Cancel”. Click “Cancel” and then “OK”. Your free promo code is no longer available. At this point, you may choose to cancel your subscription with your preferred merchant. Note that once you enter your free coupon code, it is locked in and cannot be changed anymore.

As a reminder, promotional codes are not a gift to consumers. They are tools for marketers to promote their products. If you enter the free coupon code, Google will suggest other sites where you can save money. The important thing is to enjoy your free coupon codes!

Once you enter your coupon code, a box will appear on the right side of the screen. It will look like this: “You have successfully submitted your coupon code for this web site”. Press “Cancel”, if you want to. Note that the coupon code won’t be available anymore when you’re finished entering it.

Now you can use Google’s free coupon code tool to find out more information about your preferred merchant. In Google, type in your search term and click the search button. Look for a website that you like. On the right hand side, there will be a “contact us” option. Click on that option.

Finally, get to the “Offers” section. On the right hand side of the web site, you will see “Free Gift Cards”. Click on “Offer”. A list of all the merchants who are offering free gift cards will appear. Choose the one that interests you!

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