Mammography Can Be Very Helpful in an Early Detection of Breast Cancer

It has been observed that a very high percentage of elderly women either 乳房造影 suffer or die from the disease of breast cancer. This is really a cause of worry and warranties immediate attention of the medical scientists as well as the other concerned agencies. One type of imaging diagnostic technique that has proved to be very helpful in detecting the breast cancer in women in the early stages is the technique of mammography. In the technique of mammography, the breast of the patient is slightly compressed by the mammography machine in order to get a good quality image. In this technique of mammography, the front as well as the side images of the breast of the patient is taken to get a better understanding of the extent of the cancer. It is strictly advised that the patient before undergoing the procedure of mammography does not uses any cosmetic or other substance as that might interfere with the X-ray and result in vague images.

In the recent years, two different techniques have been developed to conduct mammography in the patients. They are:

– The digital mammography: In this technique of mammography, solid state detectors are used in order to convert X-rays into electrical signals.

– Computer aided detection (CAD): In this technique the digital images of the breast are taken that can help the software in detecting any conspicuous abnormality in the region or any other sign that might indicate the presence of cancer.

Since the time the mammography screening has started, it has been observed that there has been a significant drop in the deaths due to the breast cancer among women and particularly the elderly women. Although there are still some sections in the medical community as well as the other concerned authorities that are not in favor of mammography yet it has been observed that the technique of mammography has really been a lot helpful in making an early detection of the breast cancer in the women.

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