Nigerian Treasury Looters: To Put on Trial or Not?

Like the country of Israel, Nigerians are scattered all over the globe. But home is always home. Sometimes it is frustrating to hear what is going on. It is a pity that the country is not moving forward as expected due to the fact that you have competent people to run the country but they are so selfish and heartless to do the right thing. We can’t say they are not smart enough. Until our so called leaders look at themselves as serving the people instead of little gods, whereby they think they can do anything, I am afraid the country will not prosper as projected and expected. Tell me how could somebody embezzle $6b and then offer to return $250m and say “let bygone be bygone”.? How arrogant and unrepentant can you be? With that statement alone that should tell you the mindset of some of this people. You did not say “I will reimburse all the money back and please let me keep the interest “. Do you know how much the interest of $6b is?

Then the Buhari administration can cerebrate on that offer and not put that individual on trial.But they always want to have their cake and eat it too. Either you return the money or not, under normal circumstances, a crime is a crime and the individual or individuals should be taken through the judicial process in the court of law. But this is where president Buhari administration is in a quagmire. He needs to get rid of some of the judges. But can he do it? Does he have the constitutional power to do that? But the good thing is the Vice President happens to be a law professor so the Judges that have been allowing themselves to be manipulated for years may be fearless in dealing with the issues this time around. United States government has told him that if the administration does not do something about these individuals it is tantamount to waste of time and resources in gathering dossier on this people. The international community knows what happened to James Onanefe Ibori.

If he was still in Nigeria, he would have still be roaming around free. So the so called “Peace committee” asking the president to indirectly leave these individuals alone especially when there are evidences against them is nothing but trying to let the country continue in perpetual cycle of evil and mediocrity. They are not fooling anybody. With due respect to them, this is “trouble committee” not peace committee. I am saying this because the country will never get out of this mess if we continue this way. if I were President Buhari I would have told Bishop Ayo International Lawyer Network Oritsejafor and father Kukah, who are members of the committee, that the Bible says

“Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”

Ecclesiastes 8:11 KJV.

In other words “When evil people are not punished right away, it makes others want to do evil, too.” Doesn’t that sound like our Nigeria to you? I would also tell them that what some people did to Ribadu, by harassing him, will not happen this time around. This is why Nigeria is in this mire right now. Everybody keeps doing the same because they cannot probe each other since all their hands are soiled or caught in the cookie jar. They all know what they are doing. That’s why you hear some of them talking about, if one is investigated, it will bring out cans of worm. Please, who cares? Bring out the worms, the snakes and cockroaches. The enquiry minds want to know who the thieves are. We want to know the enemies of progress.

Basically what they are saying is “all of us will be exposed “. Do you have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what they are confessing? This time around they don’t have that advantage to blackmail the current president, at least from what we know.If they did, their attitude would have been “Bring it on”.

The irritating part of it all is that they go around flaunting their ill-gotten wealth. And if you want to volunteer to help the country or your people, these individuals will shove you aside because they know you are honest and cannot help them to steal or raid the treasury. That brings me to the Niger delta issue. Chief Obasanjo tried his best to bring somebody from that area to be the president, and one of them in charge of the petroleum sector. Look at the mess they all created. Do you know the rate of cancer in that area of the country because of the frequent oil spills? The environment is in a mess and will be for the next fifty years if nothing is done about it ASAP. You have somebody like the former governor of one of the states that should be advocating cleaning up the area, but they get there and forget what they were thought in school about cancer. Look at the so called the Niger delta militants. Immediately they got some money from the government, they started flaunting it and gallivanting all over the world.They forgot that in the next 25-50 years their area will continue to be a mess and their great grandchildren will suffer for the befoulment of the environment. Oh I forgot, they have money now to go to Europe or USA to consult with their personal physicians. Then what happens to the rest of the people in the area? For this singular action and neglect, all these individuals, Jonathan, Daziani, Ngozi and the rest of them from that area should be put under the jail.

Some people are saying this is not military rule and that we have to follow the rule of law. My answer is, it is still Nigeria. Military or civilian, democracy or dictatorship. A thief is a thief and a Barawo is always a Barawo. We have a law professor as the Vice President so the Government will follow the rule of law. This people have to be taught a lesson, because others will come after them and do the same thing. How can you steal from 160m people and want to get away with it all the time? And a ridiculous committee is here telling president Buhari to let this people go unchallenged? What happens to his integrity and promise he made to the international community? What happens to the promise he made to 160m plus Nigerians? And If he did not keep his promise, this same rogues will be the first to tell the whole Nigeria that Buhari administration is a failure. It is a trap he should not fall into.

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