Private Tutoring on the Rise at All Levels

Most schools of all levels, from elementary to university, recommend tutoring services for students whose needs are not met in the traditional classroom setting. The current model used for most public schools was developed nearly 100 years ago, prior to the age of modern technologies like the computer, Internet and telecommute schooling. Not only has technology changed, people have changed with the times. Not all students are well served by the one size fits all school, and many private tutors are working to fill this education gap. A private tutor can present the one-on-one attention required to get your student through school easier from the elementary level straight through college.

Primary School: Private Tutors Help with Study Skills
Study skills are not something that we immediately have upon entering school. We learn our study skills through our teachers and the school settings we are in. This starts early on when we learn to read and then eventually learn reading comprehension. Since study skills build on each other, if a student does not develop the necessary study skills at a young age, he or she will have a difficult time in school later in life.

The good news is a student can learn study skills at any point, and a private tutor will help with this. A tutor can teach critical reading comprehension techniques, note-taking skills, critical thinking and actual study habits. No matter which specific subject a student needs help in, study skills will enhance the experience. If a student is struggling in need a math tutor, science tutor or history tutor, study skills will be 歷史補習 universally taught. By acquiring these study skills, a student will have an easier time in all classes and on all standardized tests.

Study skills additionally come into play when it is time to complete homework. Young students have short attention spans. A private tutor will set aside a block of time to work with a student, creating a dedicated, supervised time for learning and homework. During this time, there will be no distractions causing a student to lose focus.

Secondary School: Private Tutors Assist with College Placement
College admission becomes more difficult to obtain every year. Furthermore, with entrance to graduate schools becoming more difficult and also more necessary for certain fields, a student must think about where his or her university ranks nationally. A well-rounded learning experience is extremely important in any secondary school. Beyond this well-roundedness, though, criteria such as standardized test scores and class rank become extremely important. A student may be competing with thousands of others for one spot at a university. This makes 100 points on the SAT critical.

It is rare for a student to blindly sit for an SAT or ACT today. A student will take multiple practice tests and likely receive some instruction on test-taking prior to the test date. It is increasingly common for students to additionally seek private resources. To get your student on an equal playing field with those who are using tutoring services, you can locate an SAT tutor that has proven results in improving test scores. JD Tutors, a private tutoring service, even offers college application assistance once your student has taken the placement tests. This assistance will be key in making the application process not just successful but also stress-free for a student.

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