Roulette Cheating

If you play roulette online you can forget about roulette cheating because it is non-existent in online roulette. In land-based casinos it is very rare to come across attempts to cheat at roulette, but there are methods to be aware of. Since most ways to force the roulette wheel to produce the desired results have been discovered, the casinos are carefully watching out for them. All casinos these days are fitted with top-of-the-range equipment to weed out any potential roulette cheating on the casino floor.

Disclaimer – Do not attempt cheating when playing roulette – you will almost always be caught.

Taking the risk involved in cheating at roulette is certainly not worth the potential rewards. Even if you find a way to mess with the roulette table to favor you, the casino will very soon realize that your ‘lucky run’ is not genuine and you might find yourself very unlucky when you get thrown out the casino. If someone wins too much at once in a casino the person is carefully studied by the staff and any method for roulette cheating will soon be discovered.

Traditionally there have been three different areas of roulette cheating. The first area involves tampering with the wheel, the second is working on the ball and the third involves switching สล็อตออนไลน์ around bets on the roulette table. All of these roulette cheating tactics take swift hands and some inside connections with the casino to be performed.

Historically, cheating at roulette by adjusting the wheel has been done by the help of magnets. The croupier would control the magnets that were attached to four sides of the wheel. Since the ball is made of steel it could be steered into the desired slot this way. A magnet could also be inserted into a slot to attract the ball. This kind of roulette cheating could be carried out both by the croupier and a player with very swift hands.  You will almost never see this type of roulette cheating attempted now a days.

For an individual player to tamper with the roulette wheel and ball it takes someone on the inside. Since the risks are obvious it has been more common for the casinos to tamper with tables and balls after closing hours. By using sticky material, certain slots could be made into steady winners. Holes in roulette balls have also been made so that the croupier would be able to steer the ball away from the bets made on the table.

A player with very swift fingers also has the opportunity to cheat at roulette when the croupier is looking away from the table. This has to be done right when the ball is about to drop. If there are many players around the table the commotion could work out as a distraction but the croupier will have to look at the wheel and ball at this very moment. Most players will have their eyes set on the wheel and ball and not notice some swift fingers moving a bet to a new position but some might remember that the table looked different to start with.  Again the casino has a ton of security watching the roulette tables, so there is almost no point of even trying this.

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