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The purpose of this article is to promote the use of street legal gas motor scooters and electric motor scooters or mopeds in the USA.

How To Have Fun Scooting – Here are some fun scooter ideas for your consideration.

Recreational Scooting

You have watched people riding scooter and mopeds and seemingly enjoying the experience. So, why not you too. This is recreational scooting. If you liked what you saw, then your interest is probably recreational scooting which can be a great social outlet where you can meet scooter people like yourself while you scoot in groups.

Scooting Protocol

If you’re going to have fun scooting, you don’t just go out and jump on your scooter and go. It takes some planning. There is a certain protocol that is usually followed. Here are a few tips for you:

Proper Dress – Scooters and Mopeds are not Cycles even though many dealers sell leathers, gloves, jackets and helmets that make you look like a Harley rider. Most social scoots want to look colorful and trendy.

Clubs – Find a nearby club or organization with which to associate where you feel comfortable. If you can’t find one, then maybe you should start your own. There are many national clubs to which you can become a part. To find a club near you, go to “Google” and write in plain language “motor scooter clubs” and then begin surfing.

Trip Planning – You will find social scooting more fun if you plan what you’re going to do. This includes routes with stops and lodging if an overnight excursion.

Defining Fun

If you can’t define scooter or moped fun, how can you expect to know it when you see it? So, let’s take a moment and look at the definition of fun. Fun is defined as “a mood for finding or making amusement”. So, what amuses you? Riding your scooter with the wind blowing in your face and around you? Using this idea of amusement, then all you need to be is moving. Going anywhere on your scooter. However, someone else may say, “I consider it fun when I see beautiful scenery from my scooter”. Another person may say, “I like meeting other scooters and socializing”. So, scooter fun is what you think it is.

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Two such advantages are its resilience and relatively low cost. While pine wood is soft and light, oak is hard and heavy, making furniture made from in studier and almost impossible to break. Mahogany has been a hugely popular wood for furniture in Britain and Europe since the end of the 18th century. It is hard and durable, just like oak, with a distinctive beauty of its own, but solid mahogany pieces can be quite expensive. Oak is a more affordable option, even though it has the same qualities as its tropical cousin, a factor that has ensured that it retains its long-held place as a highly-desirable material.

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