Stranger Than Fiction – Stories Of The Dogs That Would Be Kings

Once upon a time not so long ago as the Scandinavian stories go, there was a Danish King named Halga who died sometime in the 16th century. Now when the Swedish King heard of his death he sent the Danes a new King, but not any ordinary King as this one was a small dog. I am presuming that the Danes at the time were ruled by the Swedes, otherwise he could not have made such an insulting jester. Anyhow the Swedish King also sent a warning that whosoever told him that his dog was dead would also die.

Now I am sure you all have seen or perhaps know of the scenario of the little chihuahua standing under a Great Dane and barking like he wants to take on the Great Dane. Well similar to that Black satta and getting back to the story, The dog king one day witness some bigger dogs fighting and he decide that he is king and he jumped in, but the other dogs did not respect him like the people did and they killed him. Now the task of telling the Swedish King that his dog king was dead was given to Snow a herdsman from Laeso, who was instructed on what to tell the Swedish King.

Snow went to the King, but instead of telling the King that his dog king was dead he instead riddle the king so that the King himself unwittingly said that the dog was dead. So the King made Snow King of Denmark in the dog’s place, but Snow was not a very nice man and he had a servant that he dislike and told him to carry out a task he thought would result in his servant’s death. So Snow sent him Laeso the place where he came from before he was King to ask the giant Lae how he {Snow} was going to die in the hope that the giant would kill his servant name Roth. However Roth passed the test and returned to Snow with the answer, which were a pair of gloves. When Snow put on the gloves lice came out of the gloves and ate Snow to death.

There after Halga’s son Kraki was made King and should have been the rightful King after the death of his father instead of the Dog King. There is also another story that tells of the bravest Swede that ever lived, who attacked Norway and killed everyone in sight. After his victory and as a sign of humiliation to the Swedes he made a dog their King and appointed Governors to look after the affairs in the dog’s name. He also appointed Nobles to protect the Dog King and he also made a ruling that anyone who disrespected the Dog King they would be mutilated. Here is another interesting story of a King called Eysteim of Oppland and he had a dog as his sub-king.

The story goes that King Eysteim captured a place called Trondheim and made his son the ruler, but the people killed him. Now the King Eysteim went back and conquered them again, this time he gave them a choice of kings. One was his servant named Thorer Faxe and the other choice was his dog named Saurr, by the way Saurr means excrement. The people choose the dog to be their king, because they thought that they would get rid of it soon enough. However, the dog was king for over three years and was will treated and liked, he had a collar of pure gold, he had a mansion, a throne and courtiers and would sign decrees with his paw print.

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