Therapeutic Essential Oils – The Best Essential Oils to Prevent the Effects Of Aging On Your Skin

There are a tremendous number of therapeutic essential oils on the market, designed to prevent the effects of aging on your skin and reverse the damage already done. However, some are more effective than others. Two therapeutic oils, in particular, are essential oils for skin as it ages. They not only rid your skin of the effects of age but also have innumerable other positive effects on skin. These important oils are almond oil and evening primrose.

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Almond oil is an emollient, which means it softens skin. It is used traditionally as a lubricant for massages, but it also has intensive anti-aging properties. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, providing itch relief, and can fill and plump wrinkles. It increases the amount of moisture that your skin can retain, fighting dryness and irritation. Almond oil stimulates cell renewal so that skin can shed dead cells and regenerate young ones. It is not greasy and contains many vitamins including A and E. It is also good for sensitive skin because it is gentle and softening, and can even clear up skin tone and reduce acne. Almond oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for your body chebe hair growth.

Evening primrose has so many positive effects on skin that it will be hard to list them all here! It treats eczema, a chronic skin disorder that causes itchy rashes that can appear scaly, even better than prescription corticoids. It treats rosacea, which involves inflammation and reddening of facial skin, also better than prescription creams. When massaged into the affected body parts, it can help treat Raynaud’s disease, which causes extremities to feel numb and cool in cold temperatures or when the person is under stress. It reduces itching and dryness in any skin. It reduces acne by diluting the fat that can accumulate in and clog pores. It diminishes muscle pain when applied topically to torn or strained muscles. And all of these benefits become even more pronounced for women over the age of 40, who need both evening primrose and almond oil to stave off the effects of aging. If you haven’t been using these oils yet, it’s never too late to start using them! That said, you’re also never too young to start protecting your skin against aging. The sooner you start protecting your skin, the more beautiful it will be over the course of its life.

As such, products that combine almond oil and evening primrose are excellent anti-aging products for your skin – especially if you are over 40, but by no means exclusively so. Other ingredients that add to and complement these therapeutic essential oils are jojoba oil, vitamin E, rosemary oil, and apricot oil, all of which moisturize and nourish skin. When you are looking for a great anti-aging oil to rejuvenate your skin, it is important to keep these ingredients in mind and seek out an oil containing as many of them as possible. With a great oil, you could keep your skin looking young for many years to come!

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