Types of Family Counselling Service

The Family Counselling Service can be found at the VAHS Preston website and offers services across four primary programme areas. Adult Social Emotional Wellbeing; Koorie Kids; Financial Wellness, Family Core Strength, and the Ice Baby Program. To request a referral to this programme, please complete the attached referral form and fax it to ( 03) 9403 3399. Please follow any links for more information on the different areas of emphasis provided by this Family Counselling Service.

Resort to Family Counseling to Bring Back Peace and Happiness To Life!

Many people search for the assistance of a family counselling service because of relationship issues. When a family finds that there are conflicts in their relationships, or that a significant other has disappeared, this can create a domino effect that destroys many of the happy moments of childhood. The support of a trained and experienced counsellor is imperative in assisting those in this situation to overcome these difficulties. They can help with communication and conflict resolution, and can offer advice on how to repair the relationship.

A family counselling service can also be referred to as a relationship counselling office. Some of the issues addressed at these facilities include anger, trust, confidence, communication, depression, anger management, guilt, self-esteem, sexuality and intimacy. These services provide support and counselling sessions designed to assist 失眠催眠治療 individuals and families in these areas. At some facilities, there are primary clients and/or adolescents in need of these services. The aim is to ensure that they have the opportunity to participate in the programs; and to leave after having completed the programme if appropriate.

There are two types of Family Counselling Service: Detailed and Comprehensive. The Detailed service is often offered by Family counsellors who come to the home. The aim of this program is to tackle the whole family: children, parents and extended family. For example, they might meet families who have different living arrangements (onerous, single, separated, siblings). The aim is for them to identify the conflicts that exist between them and find ways to resolve them.

The Comprehensive family counselling service is offered by counsellors who come to the home or office of the client. The counsellor will take into consideration the needs of the whole family, rather than focusing on a specific member or child. The aim of the program is for the counsellor to understand the dynamics of the entire family and learn new strategies for conflict resolution that will be suitable for the client. In some cases, the counsellors may be able to refer their clients to other appropriate forms of therapy or counselling. For example, a client referred to an Alcohol Treatment Centre may also need a psychotherapy treatment.

The Family First Steps is a national family counselling service that has been developed by experts in this field. This program incorporates family therapy skills with new strategies. The Family First Steps program is suitable for clients who are at risk of family breakdown and need assistance developing new strategies for conflict resolution. The goal of the program is to assist the clients to build a stronger sense of family and connect with supportive people. The Family First Steps journal number is 03003.

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