Types of Furnished Apartments in Toronto

Toronto, Canada is a great vacation spot where thousands of visitors travel each year and many decide to make the city their new home. When visiting for an extended stay vacation, business trip or when moving to the area, you’ll need a place to call home when you first arrive. One of your best options is the furnished apartments in Toronto, which are available for short or long-term rental.

Toronto furnished apartments can make your stay a more enjoyable one by offering you all of the comforts of home and there are many different types of apartments to choose from. Before you rent, take a look at all of your options to determine which one would suit your needs the most.

Choose the Right Size Apartment and Best Location

Furnished apartments in Toronto come in all sizes, so your first decision will be to determine how much room you need. If you’re traveling alone, a one bedroom should be sufficient but if you have family or if you’re traveling with a business partner or friends, you can opt for the multiple bedroom and bath apartments and simply split the bill to save money.

However, it doesn’t matter what size the apartment is if it isn’t in a prime location for you. For example, if you are on vacation with friends, then you may want an apartment in downtown Toronto near Main Street. This way, you can walk to some of the clubs and bars where you can enjoy the city’s exciting studio apartments rental nightlife. From this location, you will also be close to places of interest such as art galleries, museums, restaurants and Eaton’s Centre, which is one of the largest malls in the area.

If you’re visiting the city on business, renting an apartment near Union Station in the heart of the city would be a great idea. This way, you’ll have reliable transportation so you can make it to all of your meetings on time. You may also want to consider an apartment in the Financial District where you’re close to banks, marketing companies and so forth.

What Comes with Your Apartment

Even when you rent a furnished apartment, you have different options when it comes to what is included. For example, you can get just the basics, which include the beds, dressers, sofa, chairs and appliances. Some Toronto furnished apartments include TVs, DVD players, cable, Internet connection and other accessories while others even include bedding, dishes, cookware and towels.

When you’re just visiting for a while or when on a business trip, the apartments with everything will prove to be the most convenient. But, if you’re moving to the area, you may not have any need for cookware and bedding because you already have your own.

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