Vinyl Records Vs CDs

A number of people have the misunderstanding that vinyl records have got issues with their sound quality. At the time CDs were made available, people were sure they were getting an improvement in quality sound of their music. What people didn’t realize, is that during this time of changing technology, speakers were also upgraded, thus leading to a false sense of enhanced sound quality.

How Are Sounds Created In Vinyl Records?

Vinyl actually has the sounds grooved right in it. What this means is that the original waveform from the sound isable to bemirrored whenever enjoying a vinyl record. If you love the sound of live music, you will be able to get that experience with a vinyl record. The sound is warmer. Nothing 收 hifi is lost in the speakers, since the record is not digital.

If you compare vinyl to CDs, you’ll find that CDs take a digital recording and turns it into the analog sound. This analog sound is what you will hear coming out of your speakers. The process can lose some of the sound quality through the convert. Since vinyl does not need to be converted, the quality of the sound is actually better than that of CDs.

The Comeback of Vinyl

Even though the great majority of music that is sold is on CDs and digital music, vinyl records are now making a comeback as many people appreciate the sound quality that vinyl provides. And even new bands and local bands have started to record their own songs on records.

In university areas like East Lasing, Michigan, you will discover a large following of vinyl records by music fans of all ages. A number of the college students at Michigan State University have realized vinyl record quality and started their own vinyl collections. These students and locals alike find time to hang out at local indie record stores looking for some great new local music or that hard to come by vinyl that they have been looking for. A number of of the local record stores also promote local bands through live music and showcases.

Why don’t you pull out your parents’ old turntable and check out the quality against one of your CDs. You might just choose to get started with your own vinyl collection.

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