Western Digital Elements External Hard Drive Review

In this hard drive driven world, one of the most talked about and recommended makes has often been Western Digital. And there are many reasons for this – Excellent quality, great value for money and very reliable. The model in this review is the Western Digital Elements 2TB External Hard drive and this hard drive was released two years after Western Digital released their hugely popular Western Digital 1TB version.

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Two terabytes is a huge amount of storage, and it will take even the most hardcore movie nut a while before he fills this bad boy up – and for the price this drive is being sold, to say we were super excited to get hold of one of these drives would be an understatement.

Design and Build

As we have come to expect from Western Digital, the design is minimalist and elegant. The protective plastic casing that protects the drive is the made out of the classic Western Digital black plastic – the top and bottom faces use matte plastic and a small Western Digital logo can be found on the top face. The sides however, are made of glossy black plastic, which means anyone who dares touch it shall not get away with it. Have a good look at the pictures, we hope you agree with us when we say the drive looks oh so very lickable digital cinema.

There is only one light on the Western Digital Elements 2TB External Hard Drive, and it is located on the back of the drive – an excellent decision, as this enables us to be able to enjoy watching movies on your home cinema + 2TB external hdd, without any distracting and irritating flickering lights. Here is a video showing a 360 degrees view of the drive.

Size and Weight

The drive weighs around 1kg/2.2pounds, which is in the middle range of external hard drives in terms of weight.12.4cm/4.9inches wide, 20cm/8 inches long and 3.6cm/1.4inches tall, which again puts it around the middle range in terms of dimensions. The Elements drive is definitely portable, but it is certainly not the lightest drive we have ever seen and you may not wish to move it around too often because of that.


It uses two cables – 1 x USB cable that uses a Micro USB end to go into the rear of the hard drive and 1 x cable for power. The image below shows the location of these cables and the single LED light that shows activity.


The drive uses USB 2.0 – Serial Bus Transfer Rate (USB 2.0) and has a maximum transfer speed of 480 Mb/s (4 megabytes per second), and after some testing, we were able to transfer around 300 gigabytes of files to the hard drive in roughly 170 minutes (Just under three hours) – which is fairly standard in USB 2.0 speeds.

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