What Exactly is a Housekeeper?

A housekeeper, also known as a domestic maid, is a person assigned to the supervision of the cleaning crew of a home. The housekeeper also may also perform other the cleaning chores for the family. A housekeeper is typically a younger female, aged 35 years and older. She may be an aunt or a cousin or any other relative of the family who can provide with the financial and emotional support.

Housekeeper job description is very broad. But the responsibilities should be clearly defined so that everyone will be aware of what they are. Basically, a housekeeper’s duties would include doing some cleaning tasks and helping around the house. Other than that, the housekeeper is also responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the rest rooms, kitchen, bath area, and other areas. She must keep the floors clean, change the toilet bowl, wash the dishes, dust the cabinet and windows, etc. The list can go on.

But of course, not all housekeepers do these kinds of duties. Usually, there are different duties which depend on the професионален домоуправител София housekeeper’s experience, expertise, and the type of job she has. Housekeeping duties also depend on the area where the housekeeper works.

There are housekeepers who do the actual housecleaning and sometimes doing some minor repair jobs, while others do the mopping. However, there are housekeepers who are independent contractors and do both the cleaning and mowing. Indeed, there are housekeepers who do only housekeeping. Some housekeepers are self-employed but hire others to help them in their cleaning and mowing tasks.

Housekeeping jobs require not only the hard work and endurance, but also a good sense of etiquette. For example, it would not be proper for a housekeeper to ask you for a favor when you ask for one. She should always address you by your first name. She must also be neat and clean at all times, even when you are not home. She may have her own cleaning supplies, but it is still expected that she follows professional cleaning practices, such as putting down damp towels and disinfecting the kitchen after each meal. You may have to give her an allowance for these things; this is okay because housekeeping is not really that demanding.

Housekeepers in hotels may earn more compared to housekeepers in private homes. Some hotel housekeepers earn up to 70% of the salary of the head of the house. As compared to other employees, hotel housekeepers are usually given time off once per week. They are also entitled to the same benefits as other employees, such as health insurance, paid holidays and sick leave, and paid vacations.

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