What Kids Can Wear to Christmas Parties

‘Tis the season… to be social! Each Christmas we desire to spend time with those we love and the result is an abundance of Christmas parties and activities. With the typical amount of Christmas activities, caroling, and parties, you can count on needing a couple girls Christmas dresses or accessories to get you through the holiday season. This year, get your basic kids dress up clothes in style, and with a few accessories, they can provide variety throughout the celebrations.

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There are so many options for girls Christmas dresses, it can be difficult to pick one out! Try picking out a neutral red dress like the winter beauty dress Christmas Dress. The winter beauty dress is red and white, and can easily be dressed up or down. Curled hair and a tiara will suit the winter beauty dress for a fancier occasion, while little white gloves will make a girl feel like princess when playing with her friends. If you plan on caroling or touring outside to see Christmas lights, make sure you have a coat and hat that match. Having a hat that matches the coat will make the winter clothes look dressy with whatever they’re paired with.

With boys, the crucial Christmas clothing pieces are the sweaters and pants. Try a neutral colored pant, like black or tan, in corduroy. Textured clothing and pants are a big trend right now. Sweaters typically resist stains easier than shirts, hide wrinkles, and make a boy look dressed up. If you plan on being at a lot of indoor Christmas parties, try a sweater vest. This won’t be quite as warm as a full sweater, and with preppy look coming back, sweater vests are big right now. Make sure to find two shirts that will match both the pants and the sweater, since the shirts will get dirty sooner than the other items in the outfit.

Does your little girl go against the grain of the princess theme? Does your boy claim sweaters make him look like Mr. Rodgers? With the rock and 80s themes getting big this year, your preteen may revolt against the traditional kids Christmas clothes. If this is the case, give your child some freedom in the dress. Let your daughter wear black pants and a funky belt of her choosing, but have her pair it with a red sweater. Let your son wear a black button-up shirt, but have him pair it with a red tie. Finding the medium between their style and yours, and teaching them how to dress their style up for occasions, is a good lesson to learn early in their teenage years.

At the family parties this year, let your family steal the limelight. Try coordinating your kids dress up clothes with your own by following a similar color theme. Have your family dress in similar colors, like red and black. Not only will coordinating kids dress up clothes make your family look put together, it will make your kids easier to find amongst the other children!

At the kids parties, you can give your children a little more freedom to dress themselves. You can let your daughter pair her red silk dress with those horrible green reindeer tights Grandma gave her earlier. Kids Christmas parties are a good time to put to use Christmas clothes that, let’s just say you won’t be using in your Christmas portrait!

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