Your Flat Roof Problems Solved

Many commercial and industrial buildings have areas of flat or low-sloped roofing and whilst conventional pitched roofs come with their difficulties, flat roofs have received their fair share of bad press in recent years! But what can you do to identify problems that may arise on your flat roof?

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How to Detect Flat Roof Problems

Whilst water spots are an obvious sign of damage in roofs of all shapes and sizes, many more problems and their causes can go unnoticed to the untrained eye. We’re here to help you make sense of signs that tell you your flat or low-sloped roof isn’t performing how it should be.

Leaks are notoriously difficult to source back to their origin on flat roofs toronto and many people find it almost impossible to locate the cause which inevitably leads to recurring water damage. Completing regular roof inspections with the help of a trained roofing contractor means that you become one step closer to solving your leakage problem for good. Ponding, where water gathers on the roof covering, is a common culprit, whilst water stains and plant growth are evidence of this. Poor drainage and cracks in the roof covering, as well as at the joints and corners of chimneys and ventilation points, are also common causes of leaks.

What Happens Next?

Following a full roof survey and depending on the extent of the damage, one of our roofing operatives may wish to complete a patch repair or opt for a full re-cover. Patch repairs are the perfect option for resolving leaks and damaged or worn flat roof coverings, and can be completed relatively quickly and cheaply. If the extent of the damage goes a little deeper, i.e. below the covering and into the subsequent layers of your roof before damaging the boarding of your ceiling, a full refurbishment may be necessary.

Flat roof re-covering involves the stripping of your roof deck and waterproof membrane. The roof is then re-covered with either a felt or metal sheet covering, which can last in excess of 15 years with the correct roofing maintenance.

Types of Flat Roof Coverings

There are a number of flat roof coverings that provide a cost-effective solution for the repair of any commercial or industrial building. A built-up felt covering consists of two or more layers of bitumen felt, which is built up to provide a fully waterproof membrane. Single-ply membranes on the other hand consist of just one layer of EPDM or TPO material, which can be fitted loosely or fixed directly to the roof deck. Mastic asphalt roofs provide long lasting coverage for up to 60 years, whilst sheet metal coverings can be expensive but also particularly durable.

Whether you’re opting for a patch repair or a full flat or low-sloped roof re-cover, spotting signs of damage early and taking swift action ensures that you maintain a flat roof that gives you the coverage you need!

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